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Emma Morris personal trainer Bristol
Hi if you are looking for a personal trainer in Bristol I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Emma Morris and in a previous life I worked in investment management in the City of London. Sitting next to pension fund trustees at numerous conferences persuaded me that this was not the right vocation for me and I opted for redundancy when it arose.

My love of health and fitness led me to qualify as a personal trainer, sports massage therapist and nutritional advisor in 2005. I started working in Chelsea, training and developing successful relationships with many high profile clients with a wide range of goals and needs. However, being from Pembrokeshire, I wanted to be nearer to enable me to be able to visit my parents and my sister and her children on a regular basis, as well as the coast. Hence I moved to Bristol.

Having initially worked in several gyms in and around Bristol, I decided that there were many people struggling to get to the gym and who would benefit from having training sessions at their home.

I enjoy playing sport. I currently play tennis and organise a team, playing in league matches in the summer and winter. I play in a ‘back-to-netball’ group, with league matches running throughout the year. I play hockey for Clevedon Ladies Hockey and I play softball when I can. In between the various matches, I can be found in the gym training myself!

I am passionate about helping people to achieve their goals and to unlock their true potential. I really want people to be healthy and active and to take more care of themselves so that they can help to prevent injuries and illnesses.

I particularly enjoy resistance training and interval training and believe strongly in the importance of core strength and stability to complete a functional training programme for everybody I train.